Apartment Lists

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ARCH has put together two lists that summarize housing in East King County that have received public assistance and have all or a portion of their housing with restricted rents.  One if you are an individual or family and one if you are a senior above the age of 62.  Some senior apartments also accept disabled persons.  The lists include information such as location, affordability level, size of units and contact information. 

Affordable housing below market rates are available to individuals and families that meet the income guidelines. There are four types of rental housing categories:

1) King County Housing Authority (KCHA) Managed - HUD Assisted Housing:
Households pay rent based on income. Rents will change as income changes. Typically, HUD assisted housing gives priority to assisting households earning less the 50% of King County median income. Families pay approximately 30% of their income for housing. The Housing Authority owns and manages these properties.  Learn More.

2) Privately Managed - HUD Assisted Housing:
Privately managed. Each complex maintains its own screening process and must be contacted separately.

3) Privately Managed Non-HUD Assisted Housing:
Set rent levels based on income. Often rents go up annually with inflation and income increases. Typically rent levels affordable to 80% of median income. Each complex maintains its own screening process and must be contacted separately.

4) Senior Rental Housing:
ARCH maintains a separate list of complexes in East King County that accommodates Seniors that meet the income guidelines. Senior rentals follow the same guidelines as above although we have a separate listing for each category (see above).