Homebuyers Overview

Many local governments have local programs that result in a portion of new homes in market rate developments being sold at restricted prices. These homes are commonly referred to as ARCH homeownership homes. These are mostly condominiums, but include some duplexes and single family homes. This section includes a listing of ARCH homeownership homes for sale, a mailing list application for priority notification of homes for sale, information about long term affordability restrictions (the ‘Resale Covenant’) and other resources for persons looking to buy a home. View Affordable Homes for Sale

If you have further questions, please contact ARCH at info@archhousing.org


To be added to the mailing list, you must complete a homebuyer education class that is endorsed by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.   Upon class completion, please mail/fax the class certificate to ARCH to be placed on the ARCH mailing list.  You can get a complete schedule of home buying classes here: http://www.wshfc.org/buyers/scheduleBYDATE.htm or by calling 1 (800) 767-4663.

Homeowner Provisions

  • Homes must be owner-occupied

  • Future resale prices are set by a formula based on the original sales price plus index appreciation. The appreciation index for each development is fixed. Currently, all homes are re-priced based on one of three indexes; CPI (Consumer Price Index-housing), REI Seattle/Everett Real Estate Report (Mean Sales of Eastside Cities), or the average of REI and HUD Seattle/King County Median Income.

  • When an owner wishes to sell, there are restrictions on the income and household size of the buyer.  The period of time for restrictions on a buyer's income and household size varies depending on the property.  Generally, homes purchased in 2018 or earlier carry restrictions for between 60-90 days.  Starting in 2019, home sales will typically require permanent restrictions on buyer's income and household size.  Regardless of the period of income restriction, the limit on the maximum sales price remains in effect.  Buyers must sign and record a new resale covenant at the time of purchase.

  • If a lender assumes a mortgage due to default, the resale control agreement is waived.

  • Future resale prices may be increased if significant home improvements have been made. Deferred maintenance may also cause future sale price to be reduced.

  • Interested buyers are highly encouraged to read the entire Resale Control Agreement prior to acquiring a home under this program.

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