Housing Trust Fund

*****FALL 2018 Trust Fund Round*****

The 2018 ARCH Housing Trust Fund is timed to coincide with that of the other funders, with applications due to ARCH at 5:00pm, September 13, 2018.  Guidelines and combined funder application forms can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Please contact Klaas Nijhuis at ARCH if you have further questions about the Trust Fund (425) 861-3677.  

The ARCH Housing Trust Fund (HTF) was created by ARCH member cities in 1993 as a way to directly assist the development and preservation of affordable housing in East King County. The trust fund is capitalized by both local general funds and locally controlled, federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The trust fund process allows ARCH members to jointly administer their housing funds, and assist the best available housing opportunities that meet the housing needs of the community.


The purpose of the Housing Trust Fund is to create and preserve housing for ‘Low’ and ‘Moderate’ Income individuals and families in East King County. Low Income is defined as less than 50% of the King County median income, (Ranging from $37,450 to $62,060 for 1 - 6-person households) and moderate income is defined as less than 80% of the King County median income, ($57,900 to $95,950 for 1 - 6-person households). Emphasis is placed on providing housing affordable to Low Income households. However, funding can be provided for Moderate Income households, especially for homeownership opportunities.

Housing Goals

In order to provide housing which serves a broad spectrum of Low and Moderate Income housing needs, the ARCH member cities have set the following long term goal for use of their housing resources:

Families (inc. single households)






Special Needs Populations*


*Housing that provides supportive services for daily living needs, e.g. Group home for persons with developmental disability, foster parent home.

These percentages are long range goals. In any given year, one or more categories may be over or under their percentage goal.  See the Housing Trust Fund Guidelines for any preferences in the current funding round.


Through 2016, member cities have made over $47 million available to fund over 3,300 units of housing located in East King County.  These funds have been made available as both grants and low interest contingent loans as well as land donations and fee waivers.  Other funding for this housing comes from a myriad of other public (King County, State of Washington, Federal) and private sources. In some cases cities have also made surplus land available, and/or reduced building permit fees.

List of ARCH Funded Projects


"ARCH has proven to be an invaluable resource to its member cities and local housing developers in structuring partnerships that work, and funding the gap for projects in need. "