Senior Housing Overview

Goal of Senior Housing

Our goal is to provide tools to educate seniors, caregivers and their families about housing choices in East King County when considering aging in place or transitioning to a new home. 


This site will help you to assess your values and needs; and evaluate the many housing and service options that are available to seniors in East King County.  This site will also help service providers and family members who care for seniors with making housing decisions.  Please refer to the navigation bar to the left for a list of topics discussed on the Senior Housing Options pages.

Materials to help assess housing options can be individually downloaded as you read through the web pages. They are also listed on the last web page for your convenience.   Additionally, the Senior Housing Option Handbook can be downloaded to share with others who may not have computer access. It contains content of these web pages together with the assessment and evaluation forms.

Fall Prevention

While making plans for the future, please take time now to improve safety in your existing home.  Falls are the most common cause of injury and hospital admission for trauma in older adults. Fall prevention is critical to your long term mobility and quality of life.  Click here to learn more about how to prevent falls.

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