Living in a Retirement Community with On-Site Services

Retirement Community includes housing for seniors and retirees that may have facilities such as a common hall, clubroom, a restaurant or program such as fitness and spa for seniors.

Retirement communities are divided into categories below:

  • Independent living community: Independent living communities for seniors and people over the age of 55 are homes or apartments in a complex that do not offer medical care, but provide other services, such as housekeeping, meals, or transportation. 
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  • Assisted Living: Assisted living facilities offer some independence with the peace of mind that medical care and support services are available if needed.  Here are some attractive features of Assisted Living:
    • Rental apartments or condominiums with options for low income senior housing
    • Allows you to preserve your independence without being alone.
    • Provides assistance in preparing meals.
    • Offer senior citizen group programs and activities
    • May provide transportation or housekeeping
    • Amenities may include personalized care services. 
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