Transitioning From Home Overview


To transition from home simply means to go from one home to another. 

There are many reasons for transitioning from home and often it involves making changes to your lifestyle whether you are in good health or have health issues that require attention.  Finances, living near family members or near services are just some of the considerations.  If you haven't assessed your needs in the Senior Housing Decision Making Section, you may want to complete the assessment before considering housing options.  Additionally, we encourage you to read the Aging in Place section as there might be support available to allow you remain in your own home.

  How do I know I am ready to make a change?
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What is the best fit for your personality, financial capacity, health or other needs?  Choose from Independent Living options such as senior / age restricted communities, apartments for seniors, assisted living or housing which contains medical care.  Many properties offer different options and services so they will appear below in more than one place.

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