Fall Prevention


While making plans for the future, please take time now to improve safety in your existing home.  Fall prevention is critical to your long term mobility and quality of life.  Falls are the most common cause of injury and hospital admission for trauma in older adults.

10 simple ways to prevent falls:

  1.  Replace dim lights with bright bulbs.

  2. Use a night light.

  3. Remove clutter from hallways and stairwells.

  4. Remove scatter rugs that might catch your foot.

  5. Store items at waist level.

  6. Keep phone within reach.

  7. Use furniture with armrests for support.

  8. Use stair handrails.

  9. Place non-skid adhesive strips in the bathtub.

  10. Use liquid soap or soap on a rope to prevent dropping soap.

Additional ways to prevent falls are found in this Overlake Hospital illustration about home safety (.pdf).  CLICK HERE

You will find other suggestions for improving your home safety in "Modifying Your Home" as part of the Senior Housing Option - Aging in Place web page.