Senior Housing Decision Making


As we age, our needs change.  We may live in a home that's too big for just one person, and difficult to maintain.  Some of us may develop health problems that make it hard to drive safely, get up the stairs easily, or manage personal care.  For these reasons - and more - many of us face decisions regarding our living arrangements, health care, and transportation arrangements.  Decisions related to housing options are never easy, and require consideration of many factors. 

Before you continue, answer the following question:
"Why am I considering different housing options?"

The answer to this question can influence whether to stay in your current home or to consider other housing options.  Even if you're not ready to make a change right now, taking the time to investigate your housing options makes good sense.  Later on, when you do need to make a choice, your decision will be a better-informed one. 

You may want to also consider working with one or more professionals, such as a financial planner, elder law attorney, to look into the housing and other service choices that will meet your lifestyle requirements.

A series of worksheets are provided to help you assess your values, personal needs, and financial situation; and evaluate your personal housing options.  Your responses will guide you to appropriate housing and service options to meet your unique needs.  Keep in mind that these worksheets are for your personal use; you do not need to share the results with anyone, unless you wish to do so. 

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