What Do I Value & What Are My Needs?


Your values will contribute to making a living situation feel like "home."  You may have strong feelings about some values, and not care about others.  Concerns often expressed by seniors regarding daily living will also need to be assessed by you.  These worksheets can help you sort through what to consider when choosing to age in place or transition from the home. 

  1. Quality of Life - What Do You Value Most?
  2. Financial Resources / Personal Economics to Consider
  3. Assessing Your Mobility Around Home
  4. Family & Social Community Considerations
  5. Personal Finance Record-Keeping
  6. Health Care & Health Limitations
  7. Personal Care Assessment
  8. Lifestyle Evaluations

Responding to the statements as honestly as possible will help you identify those areas most important to you when facing change.  As you complete this assessment, keep in mind that there is no "right" or "wrong" answer.

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