Options in Your Existing Home


  1. Modification of Your Home - Modifying your existing home to meet your needs for mobility and safety may be the best option for you, rather than moving.  This option is discussed in much greater detail here.


  1. Sharing Your Home - Shared housing can take many forms: a senior living in a non-relative family home; a senior living with relatives; two or more seniors sharing a home or apartment; a younger person moving in with a senior to help with chores for a reduced rent.  The advantages of this type of housing arrangement are many: companionship, safety, help with personal or household tasks, and reduced living expenses.  Use caution should you choose this option or your experience may end up being stressful with conflict.  You may want to seek family or legal advice.  The website of the National Shared Housing Organization has materials on this subject for purchase. 


  1. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) - ARCH provides information about adding another dwelling unit as an ADU on your property whether you are a senior or not.  Please refer to the ADU section here.