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Please tell us how you learned about this packet/Web site.  Part of the success of this program will be based on how well we are able to get our message out to homeowners and make them aware of the HomeOwner packet information. It is valuable to know how you learned of this information to help us re-evaluate our marketing tools, and weed out advertising tools that are costly, but not effective. This will allow us to recapture funds from non-productive advertising and put those funds to better use within the program. We would also like to know if you have any suggestions for the ADU information to make it better for all users.  Thanks for your help!  

1. From what source did you learn of this ADU Web site/HomeOwner packet?
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ADU Brochure
Visit To City Hall
Friend or Neighbor
Public Library
Newsletter Publication
Community Workshop
Recent Mailing or Utility Bill Insert

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